My college has a January-term, which means that I’ve been back at school for a month and have finished a class in that time, but the actual spring semester doesn’t start until this coming Monday. Right now, I am on a break, so I am free to spend hours on end doing the sorts of things that I always feel like doing, but rarely can fit into my schedule. Many of these things have to do with science fiction, playing games online, or counting and organizing things. (I have 769 pennies, with dates ranging from 1890-2011, I have read approximately 3264 pages over the past month, and there are 606 songs I like, the top 100 of which I have put in order and posted on youtube) Apparently, I’m a nerd.

Unfortunately, one thing I haven’t spent much time doing is sleeping, partly because there are so many other things to do that are much more interesting, and partly because I keep inexplicably having strange and disturbing dreams about homicidal aquatic animals. Usually, it’s either a flying octopus or a swarm of flying Betta fish. I don’t know why they’re always flying; it’s a little weird.