As a science fiction weirdo, I sometimes find myself wondering if it would really be possible to transfer one person’s consciousness and mind into another person’s body, and if so, how that would work. One of the main things I wonder is whether, if another person’s mind was to live inside of what is now me, they would then become me. In every movie or story I can think of in which such a thing happens, the mind and identity that has moved into a new body is unchanged, but I don’t think that would be the case. Since thoughts occur with the movement of neurons in the brain, they are technically physical and belong to the physical aspect of a person. Besides that, maybe personality traits are influenced by physical factors, such as the individual’s pulse rate or metabolism, or height or weight or eye color, or any number of different things.  On the other hand, maybe in terms of mental characteristics, everyone is essentially the same, and differences in personality are just excuses we make up to behave in certain ways. In that case, on a cognitive level, being in a different body wouldn’t feel any different at all. Or maybe, I need to stop wondering about completely pointless things and get back to my homework.