I just returned from Tampa, Florida, where I spent a weekend for an academic conference. Tampa is a very interesting city; I would say that it’s kind of like a mix between Saint Louis and Atlanta, but with palm trees. Because I like attributing colors to the personality of cities I’ve been to, I am going to classify Tampa as yellow. (Incidentally, Austin, Texas is also yellow. Chicago is blue, Saint Louis is red, and Little Rock is green. I haven’t quite decided on Birmingham, Memphis, Dallas, or Atlanta, and I don’t remember Omaha quite well enough to be sure)

I got the impression that Tampa is a pretty busy city. Just a little way down the road from the conference, there was an area that had a street market on Friday and a bicycle race on Saturday. In that general area, there was also avery awesome used book store, where I bought an 1897 edition of Le Morte D’Arthur very cheaply. I was a little obsessed with that bookstore.