Every year, at about December 26, I am disappointed and saddened to notice that most people are taking down their Christmas decorations, putting away their Christmas music, and losing interest in what is popularly referred to as the Christmas Spirit. At that point, by my count, there are still eleven days left of Christmas, a few more weeks in which to observe Christmas, and the rest of the year for obsessing about Christmas. After all, Christmas is the celebration of the incarnation, and Jesus stayed incarnate for more than a day, so there’s no reason for us to stop celebrating. I feel the same way about Easter.  Just because we’ve moved on to the next square on the calendar doesn’t mean that the holiday is over.

When I wake up tomorrow, it will still be Easter. When I have eaten the last of the Easter candy that my parents recently sent me (Thank you, parents!) it will still be Easter. Easter officially ends on Pentecost, which is May 27 this year, but the Resurrection never ends, because Jesus is still alive and always will be.