Sadly, I have never found a genie in a bottle, met a fairy godmother, or ever been in any other situation that could result in magically having wishes granted. However, that has not stopped me from putting a lot of thought into deciding what I would wish for if I ever did get a magic wish.  At one time, I thought that the best possible option would be to wish for more wishes. In fact, when I was little I thought I was pretty clever for thinking of that, even though I now realize that it wasn’t such an original idea. But in some stories of the magical wish genre, (like in the Disney movie Aladdin, if I recall correctly) wishing for more wishes is not an option. I have considered the possibility of wishing for all of the normal things like money and fame, but as everyone who has ever watched a corny movie knows, those things are superficial and don’t mean anything. (By ‘those things’, I am referring both to money/fame and to corny movies, because corny movies are also superficial and don’t mean anything) Anyway, the point is that I have since then decided that the best way to use a magical wish would be for me to wish for everything I will ever need to be completely happy. That seems like the ultimate magical wish; I can’t think of any way of improving on that.

Now if anyone knows where I can find a magical genie, please let me know.