Time-10:30 PM

Cups of coffee-0

Upon returning to my dorm room at 10:00, I discovered that my to-do list for the rest of the night was still too long for me to accomplish everything on it. After pondering the best course of action, I came to the conclusion that the most flexible of the tasks on said list was ‘sleep’. Unfortunately, it would have also been the easiest one to accomplish. Oh, well. There will always be time for that tomorrow.

Incidentally, I am greatly enjoying the sound coming from my coffee maker. That machine and I are good friends.

Time-12:00 AM

Cups of coffee-2

The cool thing about being awake in the middle of the night on the last day of the month is that I get to turn the calendar page at exactly midnight. It’s kind of like New Year’s Day, except that it isn’t a New Year.

On an unrelated note, I think I made my coffee too strong. The first indication of that was the fact that when I drank it, it tasted really strong. The second indication was the fact that, when I spilled some on the very edge of my desk, instead of dripping the way liquids generally do, it slowly oozed. In my experience, coffee is supposed to drip, not ooze.

Time-2:00 AM

Cups of coffee-3 ½

On a positive note, I am finally making significant progress on my final paper for my Chaucer class. Since it is due in about thirty-one hours, I’d be in trouble if I wasn’t getting a lot done tonight, but it’s still exciting to realize that someday, I actually will be done with this paper. On a less positive note, no matter how frequently I refresh the screen, nobody else has made a move in any of my ongoing internet chess games. If other people were making moves, that would provide me with the ideal way to take a break. It only takes a minute to make a chess move, but it requires just the right amount of mental energy to help me refocus my brain, enabling me to better continue my homework. Plus, if I win, it increases morale and motivation levels. But since none of my current opponents are cool enough to be available to play middle-of-the-night internet correspondence chess with me, I must rely on coffee for my morale and motivation, even though it is starting to give me a stomachache and my brain is being weird. Fortunately, it is accomplishing its purpose in that I am not even slightly tired, despite the fact that I was exhausted five hours ago.

Time-3:30 AM

Cups of coffee-4 ½

Okay, now I’m tired, and I’m also almost out of coffee. At this point, though, it’s a little too late to go to bed because I have to get up pretty soon anyway. I really don’t feel like doing any more homework, though. I’m getting tired of words. Maybe I should use my calculus homework to take a break from writing papers.

Time- 4:30 AM

Cups of coffee-5 ½

My life would be so much easier right now if I knew what the Taylor series for e^t cos(t) is, but unfortunately, I have no idea. I do, however, know what the Taylor series for ln(1-2y) is, which I think is a pretty significant accomplishment.

Incidentally, fun fact: In Chicago in the 1880s, the people of German ancestry didn’t get along with the people of English ancestry because Germans like to drink beer and English like to drink whiskey, and the Germans thought that was an unforgivable cultural difference.

Time-5:00 AM

Cups of coffee-6

I am now out of coffee, and after having consumed nearly a week’s worth of coffee in less than seven hours, I don’t think I want any more anyway. Now, I guess I’ll take a shower and get ready to go to class. I have to get up early so that I can finish the homework that I didn’t finish during the night because the night just isn’t long enough.  Life is tough this time of the semester.