My sisters sometimes tease me about the fact that I don’t like any current musicians. We all like oldies, but they like more new music than I do. There are some recent songs and artists that I like, though. For the sake of pointing out that fact, here is a list of current or recent pop music artists that I enjoy. (Listed in no particular order)


Artist: Adele

My favorite songs: Rolling in the Deep, Set Fire to the Rain, Someone Like You

This is a new discovery of mine; there were no Adele songs on my most recent list of favorite 100 songs because I didn’t know any. Actually, I kind of doubt that Someone Like You will make the top 100 next time, either, but the other two probably will.


Artist: Michael Buble

My favorite song: I Just Haven’t Met You Yet

There are others I like, but most of them are covers, like Cry Me a River and Save the Last Dance for Me. I don’t think that I Just Haven’t Met You Yet is a cover, and if it is, I’ve never heard of the original.


Artist: Paramore

My favorite songs: That’s What You Get, Ignorance, Monster, Crushcrushcrush

My sisters, last I knew, totally do not agree with this one, but it’s probably my favorite of everyone on this list.


Artist: Muse

My favorite song: Knights of Cydonia

I don’t actually know anything else by them, and I only know Knights of Cydonia because of Guitar Hero. Still, it’s a very cool song, and at one time, I knew it by heart.


Artist: Expose

My favorite songs: I’ll Say Goodbye for the Two of Us, I’ll Never Get over You Getting over Me

One could argue that this doesn’t really count as current or recent, but many of their hits were released during my lifetime.


Artist: Chameleon Circuit

My favorite song: Exterminate Regenerate

They’re a band about Doctor Who. That pretty much says it all. Unfortunately, there’s only one of their songs that I know very well.


It is also worth noting that my very favorite song as of January 2012 is Stowaway, which comes from the Doctor Who soundtrack from 2007. Still, it’s true that a large portion of said list consisted of old stuff like Beatles songs and Irish folk songs.