In case anyone has been paying attention, you may have noticed that I failed to write a holiday blog post for either Pentecost or Memorial Day, and that I haven’t actually posted anything at all for more than a week now. That is because, until a couple days ago, I have been staying with my family, and whenever I haven’t been very busy, I’ve pretty much been sitting around being incredibly lazy. Besides, there actually haven’t been many times that I haven’t been busy, particularly because I just got a car and it’s needed some repairs and a license plate and insurance, and I’ve had errands to run at the library and the bank and the grocery store and the frozen yogurt place…

Incidentally, here is a picture of my sister scraping a window sticker off of my car, which was previously owned by an alumnus of the University of Arkansas. As she told me, “I don’t want you driving around Alabama with Razorbacks stickers on your car.” She also washed the windows and expressed her regret that I was leaving too soon for her to get a hose and wash the whole car. I was seriously considering hiding her in the trunk and bringing her back with me to Alabama.

Anyway, I am now back on campus and just started my summer job at the college library, which means that I will be a little more busy but a lot less lazy. Over the summer, I intend to write new stuff for this blog pretty frequently, so stay tuned.