I don’t often lose things, except for myself; I get myself lost all the time. I hardly ever lose anything else, though. Usually, when I have those moments where I can’t remember where I put my book or my pen or my sunglasses, it turns out to be on my bookshelf or lying on my desk or right in front of my face. (Quite literally, in the case of my sunglasses) Yesterday, though, I discovered that I actually had lost something, and a quick glance around the room was not enough to find it. The missing object was the cord that plugs my digital camera in to my computer. I actually didn’t need the cord at the moment, and I don’t expect to need it anytime soon, but I was bothered by the fact that it was missing.

First, I looked through the box where I keep most of my random computer stuff, electrical cords, batteries, and things like that. It seemed a logical place to look, but the camera cord wasn’t there. Next, I checked all of my desk drawers, the top of all my furniture, and the floor in the general vicinity of the desk. Then I searched through my purse, my bookbag, my laptop bag, and the two pieces of luggage I used last time I went on a trip. It occurred to me that I might have left it at my family’s house, and that thought seemed to be verified when I checked my facebook page and discovered that I haven’t posted any pictures since I got back. However, at least one of the pictures I’ve used on my blog was taken more recently, so I definitely had that cord here on campus.

As the camera cord clearly wasn’t in a logical place, I started searching in illogical places, such as boxes that I’d packed weeks ago. As I looked, I imagined various possible scenarios in which my camera cord could somehow have fallen into a trash can, inside an air vent, or into a wormhole in the space-time continuum. That didn’t seem particularly likely, and I was running out of illogical places to look, so I went back and checked the logical places again. It still wasn’t in any of those places.

By that point, I had long since stopped caring about the camera cord itself; it was more about the principle of the thing. I hate losing stuff. Unless it had somehow been zapped out of existence or changed into something else, that camera cord was still around somewhere, and until I found it, its absence would be an indication that something is wrong in my life. Not catastrophically wrong, not tragic or depressing, but wrong enough to make me accidentally skip supper while tearing my room apart, then going outside and walking to the parking lot to check the car, even though I totally knew it wasn’t there. Of course, it wasn’t, so I came back in and looked inside the refrigerator, because when something’s that missing, you never know where it may turn up. Then I checked the freezer because  I remember once writing a story in which a character’s shoe was missing and was eventually found inside the freezer. I didn’t see a shoe or a camera cord in the freezer, but I did see a half-full ice cream carton. I opened it and looked inside, but there was nothing besides strawberry ice cream and air. Don’t ask me why I had strawberry ice cream; normally I like ice cream to have chocolate in it.

Anyway, I still have not found that camera cord. Maybe it really did fall into a wormhole in the space-time continuum, and some random ancient people have found it and are wondering what it is. Years later, when archeologists dig it up, they will be shocked to discover that such technology existed back then, and the History Channel will use it as conclusive evidence that ancient humans had access to extraterrestrial technology. At least I hope that’s what happened to my camera cord, because it would be so boring if it is just lying in some air conditioning vent somewhere.