Once upon a time, I didn’t drink coffee. I’m not sure if my parents would have allowed me to drink coffee before I was in college, even if I had wanted to, but at that time, I assumed that I wouldn’t like it anyway. I thought it smelled pretty gross. During my freshman year of college, I still didn’t drink coffee. It didn’t really seem necessary. I’m sort of a morning person, so it wasn’t too great of a hardship for me to get up in the morning and go to classes without consuming caffeine. At that time, though, my class schedule wasn’t so intense; I was only taking a slight overload. In fact, I vaguely remember having free time as a freshman; not just a little bit during the summer and occasionally late on weekend nights, but almost on a daily basis. And I slept for about six or seven hours a night, which seems excessive compared to the amount of sleep I have gotten for the last couple years. Coffee was not vital for survival at the time.

I began drinking coffee on September 15, 2010. (Or maybe it was the 8th, I donโ€™t remember for sure, but I think it was the 15th) ‘Twas a Wednesday morning early in my sophomore year, and I knew that Wednesdays were going to be tough that semester. I had an 8:00 class, a 9:30 class, an 11:00 class, a 12:30 class, a 2:00 class, a 3:30 class, and then work from five to nine. It was the first time I’d ever had a schedule that full, and even though it was only that way once a week, I figured that drastic measures were necessary. Thus, I declared Wednesday to be coffee day.

I drink coffee out of this mug not because of any particular fondness for Disney, but because I’ve had this mug since I was very little and it has many memories for me.

In the cafeteria that morning, I found my way to the coffee machines and stared in confusion at the multiple flavors. The one that was decaf was quite clearly not what I wanted, but I wasn’t sure about any of the others. They all had names like ‘Guatemala Roast’ and ‘Rainforest Blend’, but I couldn’t see one labeled ‘Just Regular Coffee’, which was what I wanted. For the record, if I ever open my own coffee shop, there will absolutely be a kind of coffee named ‘Just Regular Coffee’, and I expect that it would be one of the most popular products. Anyway, I eventually chose one at random, put a bunch of it in a cup, added an inordinate amount of powdered creamer and sugar, (although I discovered shortly afterward that I prefer black coffee) and then drank it. The first sip tasted a little strange and not really very good. The second sip tasted much better. On the third sip, I completely and permanently fell in love with coffee.

The story behind this picture is much too long and weird to tell in a caption, which is too bad, because it is a funny story.

Thus, Wednesday became my favorite day of the week. I lived my life in a constant countdown to 7:00 on Wednesday morning. In fact, I came to dread Thursdays and Fridays because on those days, the following Wednesday seemed so far away. Fridays in particular were not a lot of fun, because by that time, I was tired and totally ready for the week to be over. In my 8:00 AM class, it was difficult to focus. The solution was obvious. Friday became coffee day also. At the beginning of the following spring semester, I decided that Monday also seemed like a good sort of day to have coffee, and after I got my own coffee machine last summer, it only seemed logical to throw Sundays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays in for good measure. Now, every day is coffee day in my life, and it’s pretty awesome.