I think it’s about time for me to get back into the habit of writing things in my blog frequently. There are several reasons for this. First of all, it’s fun. Secondly, multiple people have pointed out to me that I haven’t made much use of my blog lately, and this leads me to believe that there are people besides me who would like it if I got back to it. Thirdly, I am fascinated by the concept that I have the capability of writing words and making them instantly appear on the internet where the world can see them. I have great power, I tell you. And finally, I fear that my sister’s blog has become more interesting than mine, and this is a thing which must not happen. I assure everyone reading this that, at least as long as my sister has a blog, sibling rivalry shall keep mine alive and well.

Towards this end, I have rewritten a schedule of my life that requires that I shall post something at least once a week, and (hopefully) sometimes more frequently. When the semester ends, I shall perhaps have more time for such endeavors. To be honest, though, I’m not sure that time is really the issue. I stopped posting things mainly because I stopped putting the phrase ‘blog post’ on my daily to-do lists.

For some reason that has always puzzled me, the internet is full of pictures like this that are supposed to be evidence of ghosts. Those circle things are supposed to be ghostly orbs.

I would like to conclude this by relating a random fun fact. It’s about ghosts, or rather, it’s not about ghosts.  Researchers have found that there is a certain sound frequency that causes people to experience a feeling of dread and foreboding, as if the place is haunted. If, for some reason or another, such sound frequencies are often present at a certain place, that place will seem like a creepy place and may very well end up with a few ghost legends. In fact, people can be so disturbed by the sound that they are easily mistaken into thinking that they’ve seen a ghost. Here’s the weird part: that sound frequency is too low for the human ear to hear. It can mess with your brain without you being aware that there’s a weird sound. ‘Tis true; here’s an article about it. That’s not where I first found this random fun fact, but I can’t find the place I saw it first, which is sad because that was a much more detailed article. For some reason, I actually find this random fun fact pretty creepy, even though it ought to be very uncreepy. It decreepifies the creepiness of creepy places.

*Sarcasm* Goodness gracious, look how haunted this place is!