This expression has achieved popularity in my family, and I think it should go viral.

This expression has achieved popularity in my family, and I think it should go viral.

It’s New Year’s Eve, the day when we think back on many of the events of the previous year, discuss what an [adjective] year it’s been, and then make New Year’s resolutions about what we’re going to do differently next year. Maybe I’m just being a smart aleck, but I don’t think that any of those customs make a lot of sense. Now, I’m not saying that we shouldn’t celebrate New Year’s Day. Far be it from me to ever imply that a holiday should not be observed; holidays are cool. I just think that the date of New Year’s Day is arbitrary. After all, the Earth moves around the sun all the time, and the transition from one calendar year to the next is not a significant event in the big picture.  The nostalgia and resolutions associated with New Year’s Day are equally appropriate at any point in the year. In fact, in my opinion, New Year’s Resolutions are not good ideas because most people take it for granted that New Year’s Resolutions will be quickly broken. Besides that, the holiday season is very different from other times of year, and it can be very difficult to transfer a new good habit from one mode of existence to another.

With that being said, the beginning of this week is actually a very convenient time for me to rearrange my schedule and to specify my relatively-short-term goals. My classes start on January 3, and I want to get into a regular schedule as quickly as possible. Therefore, here is a list of some of the projects I will be starting at approximately the beginning of the New Year.


1. I intend to keep posting stuff on my blog frequently. Once I post this, I’ll have written seventeen things this month, which I think is a pretty decent rate. However, I only posted nine things in October, and in September, I updated this blog a grand total of one time. That’s not cool.

writing hand2. I plan to do a lot of other writing. Specifically, I want to do the kind of fun creative writing that I used to do from about 10 BC to 1 BC. (BC stands for Before College) I have two cool ideas for novels, so I think I’m going to write them both, and I think I’ll start writing short stories again, too, because that was always fun. And I’m going to re-edit a goofy science fiction story that my sisters and I started writing together several years ago.

3. I hope to find more time to play internet chess and scrabble and to get a lot better at them both. Yes, I know that internet games are pretty trivial, but I defend them as a hobby on the grounds that they’re fun and good for one’s mind. Besides, I think that any skill is a skill worth having if you have enough interest to make the effort. (With the obvious exception of anything that’s immoral)

4. I’m going to read a lot, just because I’ve always assumed that that’s the way my life’s supposed to be.

5. I need to get a job off campus. That’s not so much a personal project as a matter of necessity; I need money to get through school. But while I’m at it, I hope to get a really, really cool job and to be really, really good at it.

6. I really should spend more time reading the Bible than I do now, and while I’m at it, I should take advantage of the awesome fact that I own a copy of the Book of Concord. I’ve had it for years, and I wouldn’t be surprised if there are some things in there that I’ve still never read before.

7. I am about to start the 2013 list of my top 100 favorite songs. Actually, I’m considering doing a top 250 list this time. Such a project is very time consuming. It first involves sorting through all of my CDs and MP3s and making a list of every song I own that I really like. This list will generally be at least 600 songs long. Then, over the period of several days or even a couple weeks, I cross things off the list as I decide that they’re less cool than the others. Once I have the list down to 100, (Or, in the case, maybe 250) I record a short clip from each song and then edit them all into a list, which then gets posted onto Youtube and burned onto a CD.

8. I have to learn how to play my electric keyboard, which I have had for several months now. I can play melodies, and there are a few beginner-level piano pieces or simple hymns that I can play with both hands, but that’s the extent of my musical greatness.

9. I want to learn another language. I haven’t decided yet what language to start with, because there are several that I desperately want to know. The problem here is that I’m kind of stupid in that area. The only reason I know English at all is that I’ve been exposed to it all the time for my entire life. I’ve made several attempts to learn other languages, and I took some French in high school and then in my freshman year of college, but I never got the hang of it. I think it’s essential that I give it another try, but this time, it’ll be something other than French.


Just for the record, I am not contradicting myself by listing these resolutions and plans after demeaning the tradition of New Year’s Resolutions. These aren’t New Year’s Resolutions. They’re just for this coming month; I have other stuff to do in February.

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