101_9788Once again, my plans have been diverted. The blog post that I began a day and a half ago is still sitting unfinished in a folder titled “Future Blog Posts” while a new and more pressing topic has presented itself to me. It snowed today, and snow changes everything. Granted, it only snowed for a couple hours, and very little snow actually accumulated on the ground. (And I missed most of it because I was in class.) In fact, even that small amount started melting immediately and now, just a few hours later, the snow is mostly gone from the ground. Fortunately, I live on the fifth floor of a building on a steep hill, so the view from my window mainly consists of trees and the tops of buildings, where there still is snow. It’s very, very beautiful. My window is wide open; I don’t care about the cold nearly as much as I care about the sight of the snow.

Snow 3Technically, this snowfall wasn’t nearly major enough to be a big deal. It’s nothing compared to the kind of snow that people who live farther north get at least a few times every single winter, and it’s nothing compared to the snowstorm that my family experienced on Christmas day. But I personally feel that this snow is due cause for excitement and obsession. For one thing, I kind of have a thing about snow. If it snows, it’s a very noteworthy occasion; that’s just the way things work in my world. In particular, it is necessary that I alert the internet to any snow that I see. But I’m not exactly unique in that way. At my college, everyone does that. This is Alabama and Alabama snow is a rarity almost as significant as if the Alabama Crimson Tide loses a football game. (The difference, of course, is that it’s good when it snows and it’s a major disappointment if Alabama loses a game.) Alabama snow happens maybe once or twice a year, and there’s never more than a couple inches. Every snowfall I have seen here in Alabama, even the tiniest of flurries, is worthy of acknowledgement. In fact, I know a number of people who automatically apply the word “blizzard” to any sighting of snow.  This particular snowfall actually is a greater than average one, even though it will be nothing but a distant memory by mid-morning tomorrow.

Snow 1The presence of snow on the ground or in the air entails certain changes in my rules of life. Basically, that means that I rewrite my to-do list if it snows, and that the revised version is more likely to include things like sitting on my bed and watching DVDs on my laptop late into the night. I’ve actually done that a number of times in the past couple of weeks, mainly because it’s been so cold and rainy that I’ve slipped into a mentality similar to that of a snow day, except without the joy and excitement. Now that it’s finally snowed in actuality, I have an excuse to act that way. Besides, I now also have an excuse to follow the dietary traditions which I associate with snowy weather.

101_9790It goes without saying that one should have hot chocolate when it snows, and this especially holds true when one lives at college where one’s mother is not present to place limits on the amount of hot chocolate one may consume or the quantity of chocolate that one should put in one’s hot chocolate. (In case my mother is reading this, or anyone else’s mother for that matter, I would like to point out that it’s called hot chocolate, not hot chocolate-water.) I take some pride in the fact that I don’t use hot chocolate mix to make my hot chocolate. I make it with cocoa powder, sugar, and hot milk. Really, hot chocolate mix is just cocoa powder, artificial sweetener, powdered dairy products, and various substances that offer no contribution to flavor and are present only because of the tacit rules of food packaging companies that all prepackaged foods must contain several ingredients that are named with long and unfamiliar words. You can get more or less the same thing just by heating up some milk, (It’s best if you actually scald it a little) and add the correct proportion of cocoa powder and sugar. (This is done by estimation, not measuring.) Then, if you want to make it extra special, you can just add some marshmallows and/or chocolate chips. This, dear readers, is how hot chocolate is to be made.

101_9793Even besides the hot chocolate rule, dietary practices should change in accordance with the weather. Basically, that’s my way of saying that I eat loads of junk food when it snows. Today, for example, I discovered that the campus store has finally restocked bagel bites, and I naturally bought a box. Those will be my supper, along with an excessive amount of Oreos and a chocolate bar. This, of course, is in addition to the aforementioned hot chocolate.

snow 4Now, if you’ll excuse me, it’s time for me to post an annoying amount of snow pictures to tumblr.