RomanaThose of you who know me in real life and/or other parts of the internet have already heard about the kitten whose picture is shown here. Her name is Romana, and she’s my new roommate and best friend. You can expect her name and face to show up on my blog pretty frequently from now on.

I’m not quite sure why this critter loves me so much. She hasn’t even been here long enough for me to spoil her very much. It’s true that I feed her with food that she likes and that she enjoys the attention I give her. But she decided she loved me before she even knew what it would be like to live with me.  I can’t get over the way she snuggles up against me every time I sit down and starts purring even before I pet her. And the misses me every time I leave for even a moment. Let no one tell you that cats aren’t capable of the unconditional love and affection that dogs have for their owners.

She took this picture and captioned it more or less by herself.

She took this picture and captioned it more or less by herself.

She is a little possessive of my attention, which is the main reason that it’s taken me two days to post about her on my blog. The first time I tried, she jumped up onto my laptop keyboard and pasted a screenshot onto the Word document I had open. She also has learned how to disable the internet, which is a useful skill for an attention hog to have. Alternatively, she can leave the computer online and hack into my internet accounts. She temporarily has had her internet privileges revoked because I had such a hard time this afternoon undoing some weird settings she had turned on, and I’m having to keep an eye on her to make sure she isn’t posting stuff under my name on facebook. Her spelling, incidentally, is terrible. Half the time, I have no idea what she’s typing.

She’s really a very playful kitten. I mean, she had a wonderful time learning to play chess this morning. But I think she’s somehow been in communication with my family’s cat Bo, because they use the exact same strategy. It’s a tried-and-true feline chess technique commonly known as “cheating”. Romana does it very well. Given a little practice, I bet she’ll be as good a chess player as Bo.

While it’s doubtlessly true that she’s a very clever cat, I suspect that she was faking it when she seemed to be able to read Greek last night. I mean, seriously. Where would she have learned something like that?

Before logging off, I just want to say that I should not be held responsible for what I appear to be saying on the internet, because goodness only knows what my kitten’s going to do when I’m asleep or not looking.

This is Romana's namesake. Her name is Romana.

This is Romana’s namesake. Her name is Romana.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I think someone needs me to sit down with a book so she can curl up on my lap.