Now that I have seen season 8 in its entirety, I am ready to offer my thoughts and opinions to the internet. To be honest, I was multitasking while watching most of those episodes, and probably missed quite a few significant details. Maybe that’s why I still haven’t decided exactly what I think about this season.

Peter Capaldi“But wait,” some of you may be saying, “what TV show are you talking about? You only said a season number, not a title.” My first response would be to remind you that questions are still sentences and therefore should not be ended with prepositions, and my second response would be to inform you that of course we are talking about Doctor Who. What else?

I initially loved Peter Capaldi as the Doctor. Yeah, he’s a lot older than the ninth, tenth, or eleventh Doctors, and it’s not as if many current Doctor Who fans actually remember what it was like when William Hartnell played the Doctor. But for me, having an older actor play the Doctor wasn’t a problem. In fact, I kind of liked the idea of taking some of the romantic undertones away. As much as I liked David Tennant, the tenth Doctor did a lot of staring moodily into space while thinking about Rose. Such things never happened in the days of Tom Baker. Even before season 8 began, I predicted that a non-Doctor character would be introduced to be a love interest for Clara, and I was okay with that and glad to see that I was right. And then, when that first episode came out and I actually got to see Peter Capaldi as the Doctor, I found him reminiscent of Tom Baker, which is a definite plus.

But the thing is, the twelfth Doctor is mean. He bickers with Clara (and Mr. Pink, and Robin Hood, and pretty much everyone else) and shows a lack of regard for human life that you would never see from the fourth Doctor, the ninth Doctor, the tenth Doctor, or the eleventh Doctor. I have to admit that I’m not particularly familiar with the other Doctors, but if they were less compassionate towards the human race, then I’m not particularly fond of them. So for me, the twelfth Doctor’s mean streak is a weakness that cancels out, and sometimes even outweighs, the humor and personality of the character. I like the eyebrows, though. You’ve gotta like the eyebrows.Peter Capaldi eyebrows

My favorite costume of the season: Clara's Robin Hood dress.

My favorite costume of the season: Clara’s Robin Hood dress.

Episode One, Deep Breath, was one of my favorites of the season. Robot of Sherwood would have been great if it had consisted of just a little less arguing. The Doctor’s feud with Robin Hood was hilarious at first, but got old fast. Time Heist, Mummy on the Orient Express, and In the Forest of the Night were my other favorites. I really liked the ideas behind some of the others, like Listen and Flatline. And the two-part season finale was pretty good, too, especially considering that the season finales are rarely among my favorite episodes. If I had to choose one favorite episode from the season, I guess I’d probably go with Mummy on the Orient Express, because it has a really great monster, which is a trait shared by all of the awesomest Doctor Who episodes.Mummy on the Orient Express

All in all, I definitely did enjoy season eight, even if I had some misgivings about the personality of the new Doctor, and even if it wasn’t one of my favorite seasons. I still say that my favorite two seasons are three and seven.