piePi Day comes every year, but this Pi Day is a special Pi Day. Not only is the date 3-14, but it’s 3-14-15. This is a once in a lifetime experience, I tell you. Aside from that announcement, I have little to say myself on the subject, so I will now present a list of important things that the internet has to say about pi (and pie).

One million digits of pi! If this information isn’t relevant and useful in your everyday life, you’re living wrong.

The website linked above actually has more cool stuff, too. 

Here are a bunch of fun pi facts in poster format.It features a timeline showing how much pi was known at various historical periods.

If you want a little more about the history of Pi, here’s a webpage you’ll like.

This New Yorker article by Steven Strogatz is a little lacking in the spirit of Pi Day, but it’s worth a read anyway.

Scientific American has a good article, too.

Apparently there’s a book called The Joy of Pi and that book has a website. The page I’ve linked has a list of other recommended pi books.

Search for the numbers representing your birthdate within pi. Why? Well, why not?

Hopefully, you’re celebrating pi day by making (or at least eating) pie. This article has a few recipes at the end. I didn’t try them out myself, but they look interesting and unique.

The food network website has some simple tips for how to make your pie crust turn out nicely. Some of these may be things that you already know, but if some of them are new to you, now is the day to try them out!

More recipes and tips.

I’ve already shared some pi history, so here’s some pie history, too.

This website offers a more detailed history of pie. Also, check out some of the recipes linked on the sidebar.

The American Pie Council’s website also discusses the history of pie, along with more recipes and other information for which you may or may not have a use.

To finish up with something a little less intellectual, here’s a tumblr page devoted to pictures of pies.