I have often heard it said that the sounds made by a bat cannot be heard by human ears because they are so high pitched. I would like to make it quite clear that this is untrue. Not only are bats audible, but they are quite talkative little critters. I spent probably about two hours of this evening sitting outside to watch the bats emerge from the bat-house, and I can definitively say that I heard them chattering the entire time. I also recall having been able to hear bats in caves before, but in those cases, there usually were other people who couldn’t hear them; my hearing range apparently is greater than most people’s. I’m pretty sure that these bats in my family’s bat-house, though, would be audible to most people. It is a high pitched noise, but it’s only slightly higher than that of a birdcall.

If anyone ever tries to tell you that people can’t hear bats, just know that they’re wrong. Also, bats are not blind. Just sayin’.