Some of you may be surprised to learn that, despite the absence of any recent blog posts, I still exist. Yes, I know that there were three whole months where I didn’t post anything at all, even though I have indicated in the past that I have a personal rule about letting even one month go by without any new blog posts. Yes, I know that my identity is intrinsically linked to my internet presence and that it is necessary for me to express my thoughts online in order for me to prove that I do indeed think. Yes, I know that my blog is the repository for my mind and that I am essentially a zombie if I don’t utilize the opportunity to add to the archives of this repository on a regular basis. Okay, I just made up some of that stuff, but you get the point. The point is that it’s not cool that I haven’t been blogging at all this summer. I’m going to stick with my standard go-to excuse, which is that I have been really busy. I think I’ll also offer a sub-excuse by pointing out that sometimes, life kind of stinks and it isn’t really necessary to document all of it online. Nonetheless, the fact remains that I have this blog and that I think it’s kind of cool and that I would really enjoy to blog every single day. Unfortunately, I can’t do that. Even now that my schedule isn’t as ridiculously full as it was in the spring and early summer, there still are some days when it wouldn’t even be technically possible and other days where there are other things I need to be doing with my time. But I really do hope to get back into the pattern of posting something once or twice a week. We’ll see how that goes. So, yes, this blog post is just to let you all know of my continuing existence and to let you know that you can expect to see new content here in the near future. As a special bonus, here is a picture of my beautiful cat. Observe her great beauty.