It’s been a long time coming, (that’s code for “I’m lazy and I write slowly”) but I’ve finally finished putting together my list of the best books of 2018! I posted it on my other blog, so I’m reblogging it here.

Librarian Magdalena

This list is going to work a little differently from those I wrote in previous years, because frankly, I didn’t read as many 2018 books as I’d have liked. I’ve questioned whether it’s even worth putting together a Best Books of 2018 list. But let’s be real here, lists are always worth making. Still, there are hundreds and hundreds of noteworthy books coming out every year, and even if we count picture books, I only read slightly over one hundred new books this year. I especially dropped the ball on YA books. And I didn’t get around to reading a single novel in verse this year, not even The Poet X, which won the National Book Award or Rebound, which is the prequel to the Newbery award winner from 2015. So I acknowledge that my personal Best Books of 2018 list isn’t an exhaustive list at all.

For this year…

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